Economic status of African women, a case of inequality

The economic status of women in Africa has been inferior to that of men. There are very few successful businesswomen as the major economic activities are in the hands of men. Because of illiteracy and traditions, many African women have limited economic scopes. It is rare to find women at the top of the executives in key economic sectors like banks and companies. In many African countries, women are limited to selling their goods in open-air markets.

In Morocco, more and more women go out for work. There is now a substantial number in public services, mainly education and health services. But very few of them are heads of services as men still dominate key sectors in the country’s economy.

Illiteracy is still dominant among women in the countryside. Girls are sent to cities to work as maids because of their parents’ poverty. Women who leave for the city usually to work in food factories or continue working in farms.

There are associations, especially NGOs, whose aim is help this category of women. The loans provided to women starts at about 2000 MDH ($ US 200). There have been success stories as the loans helped women to have their own income from the skills they have, be it animal raising, sewing, making carpets and so on. Banks remain reticent at offering bigger loans to this category of women unless they produce substantial guarantees.

Small loans are just a small step for women to have a good economic start. The current generations of women missed on many things like education. It will be better to offer good educational conditions for today’s girls not to be street sellers or hired farmers like their mothers. Women should be helped to set up their projects through financial institutions like banks. They should not be faced with more obstacles because of gender and lack of academic education.

Listen to the conversation on African women’s economic status in Africa:

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