Hamas and Fatah, fighting just to lose

Militants from the Palestinian faction Hamas are pushing back rivals Fatah in the Gaza Strip after several days of heavy fighting in which 60 people died.

The Palestinians leaders are just mocking themselves by calling themselves brothers and Israel their common enemy. Israel has existed for about sixty years. There has been no record of Israeli politicians mounting killing against one another despite their deep divergence in running the country. Ironically, the Palestinians are catching up with Israel in the number of killed Palestinians. Since the start of the internal armed clashes between Fatah and Hamas, there have been tens of dead if not hundreds. This can turn into thousands if both lose all restraints.

The Palestinians through their self-inflicted wounds can’t be taken seriously, especially by Israel from which they want an independent state. They failed to honour their agreement in Saudi Arabia to never return to “fratricide”. So how can they be trusted by international diplomats that they can be reasonable people and resolve their problems through dialogue?

The Palestinian leadership on both sides seems to be losing control over its armed members. A state with an independent army is very dangerous. So to convince the world that they are worthy of independence, the Palestinian should show their competence in running the territories they are “governing” before they ask for more.

The Palestinian leaders are just rubbing more salts in the wounds of the ordinary Palestinians whose dream must be to leave the land they were brought up to fight for.

There is no power in the world to bring the Palestinian leadership to its senses. There were calls for it from different parts of the world like the Arab governments. All calls falls on deaf ears in an area used just to the sounds of bullets and artillery and all other sorts of gunfire.

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