Saving endangered species

In some countries, there are no endangered species to protect because those worthy of protection are already extinct. Endangered species have to make way for the species consumed daily like cows. Forests are cleaned to make them grazing lands. The power of the market will make Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) powerless as governments consider the economic benefits for the population and not the welfare of endangered species like tigers and birds whose habitat can be the home and the workplace of thousands of people.

Saving endangered species needs funds, especially in areas that aren’t tourist attraction. Many of the areas are in poor countries. There is the dilemma, which to save first, poor people in danger of poverty and disease living near the endangered species or these species?
Saving endangered species is a matter of political will. There are economic and cultural pressure against enforcing their protection. Japan is a good example because of its whaling policies despite conservationists outcry.

Trade ban can be effective for species that are traded abroad as pets. There is the cultural issue that makes trade ban ineffective. It can’t work for species that are killed for local use as medicine like tigers in China despite the risk of heavy punishment. Whales caught by Japan are essentially consumed in Japan. Some species like gorillas are endangered because of wars as in DR Congo. Saving endangered species is, first of all, a local and national responsibility.

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