I have a crush on Obama

Sex appeal has always been one of the key factors for popularity. Obama may not look sexy for many voters but he has a childlike and nice look. He may inspire peace in some contrary to the hawkish looks of the Republicans past and present, mainly George Bush, Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice.

The song and the singer are sexy by all standards. The more people view the video, now it has become popular, the more the popularity of Obama will grow. People will tune more and more to see the sexy singer, who in the most part appears in the video with the photos of Obama. This will stick in the mind of many as well as the provocative words of the song.

Maybe the video will be more appealing to the female voters. Let’s remember that Bill Clinton, thanks to his handsome look, was a popular favourite by the female voters. He was the dream of many. The video will have a crush when Obama is elected in the primary as the presidential candidate. Currently it may rival with the song proposed by Hilary Clinton on Youtube.

On a final note, politics and entertainment have never been so intertwined in the USA. Many celebrities are known for their political views who side with one candidate or another. There are shows used as a platform for candidates to transmit their views, the most famous are The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Now Youtube has become a new platform. It’s immediate and cheap, not necessitating the colossal sums to buy time on famous channels like NBC or CNN.

The risk is when voters become more influenced by the entertaining aspects of campaigns than by the substance of the political programmes. In this case, the best looking candidate who secures the best song will have more chance to get to the heart of people. He or she won’t have to task their minds with long speeches, which the voters are unlikely to listen to in their entirety or listen to again or download on an MP3 the way they do for an exciting song.

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