EU resuming aid to fatah, will it help?

Resuming aid by the EU to Fatah alone is likely to deepen the tensions between Fatah and Hamas. Fatah will be viewed just as a puppet of Israel and the USA by its opponents. However aid to Fatah should be seen as an encouragement for moderation. It’s better to have at least a section of the Palestinians benefiting from such aid than to have all them deprived of it because of Hamas positions.

Due to the support Fatah has from the USA and Israel, Hamas will have no choice but to stick to its armed resistance as a way to keep its present felt. Hamas has opted for isolation as it refuses to recognize the legitimacy of Israel. If Gaza remains under its control amid international isolation, we may witness a human catastrophe in this region. While the West Bank is going to benefit from US aid, Gaza will be deprived from it under intransigent Hamas. The Palestinian problem will persist. . Aid alone will do little to resolve the Palestinian problem as compromise is needed from all parties.

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