Protests over Cologne biggest mosque

A right-wing citizens’ initiative is protesting against Germany’s largest mosque, which is being built in Cologne. They have enlisted the efforts of the far-right from Austria and Belgium in their fight against the “Islamization of Europe.”

Building the biggest mosque in Germany shouldn’t be the cause of such protests as it was reported. It should be the symbol of the big religious tolerance in Germany. Germany isn’t the only European country where Muslims face bureaucratic difficulties to build a mosque. Some local authorities in France refuse construction permission for election results.

Germans should have no fear of a mosque. There are bigger mosques in France, the USA and Gibraltar. A mosque with a capacity for 2,000 believers doesn’t look that big even if it is considered as the biggest in Germany.

The Germans should take the example of UK regarding its Muslim communities. The Muslim community centre is one of the largest of its kind in western Europe. It can hold 10,000 worshippers.

A mosque isn’t the source of terror. You can close mosques. But you can’t close all internet sites that spread terror. Such acts will fuel just hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims in Germany. Muslims citizens or legal residents should feel at home. Denying them a mosque when it is possible for them to build one amounts to open hostility. The best thing to do is to live and let live. It isn’t fit for Germany to be a land of religious persecution.

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