Can Tony Blair make a good peace envoy in the Middle East?

Tony Blair will be in the spotlight after his resignation. Through his experience in politics for a decade, he must be a good asset for many circles. As for a possible job as a peace envoy in the Middle East, he can be fit at least for pathfinding missions. He must know the ins-and outs of the situation there.

Historically, Britain is one of the rare countries that have more knowledge about the Middle East than any other does. He’s been just fresh from his office as PM, he can have good contacts with the movers and shakers in Middle East policies. This can be of good help to the UK Foreign Office, as it will have another foreign secretary in disguise, focussing on a very turbulent region, which in fact must take a large proportion of the Foreign Office agenda.

However, success isn’t guaranteed. Different politicians who made the Middle East their priorities failed, including Bill Clinton during his presidency. It’s common that in the Middle-East you can get just signed agreements. On the ground, reality changes everything. So his slogan must be, “Never get tired of going to square one.” He must draw on British cold blood to continue his job without quickly getting in the bloody moods that are prevalent in the Middle East.

Another point is that the ground on which Tony Blair is going to work isn’t laid with roses. The situation in the Middle East is very intricate. If it was impossible for him to broker a solution when he was in power, how can he succeed when he’s simply an envoy. He can succeed in coordinating views if the conflicting parties first agree on a peaceful solution.

On my part, to commemorate, Tony Blair’s ten years in office, I will re-watch the “Queen”. It starts in when he took office and it ends with the stroll he took with the Queen. Tomorrow he will have a stroll with her wile the corgis are leaping around. One thing the Queen will be pleased about is that Gordon Brown’s wife, Sarah Macaulay– pigeon-natured, isn’t suspected of being republican, unlike the cat-looking Cherrie Booth , Blair’s wife!

Listen to part of the conversation on BBC WHYS broadcast on June 26th, 2007

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