Mika Brzezinski vs Paris Hilton or seriousness vs trivia

Celebrities are always in the spotlight. Every action, major or minor is of concern to some media, which tries to impose their trivial news on the public. There is little to learn from Paris Hilton’s experience in prison as she was in a special one. In the USA, there are about two million prisoners. There are executions that go unnoticed despite calls for the abolition of death penalties in states practising them.

Hilton’s imprisonment reflected somehow the flaws that can be in the justice system. First, she was put in prison to spend 45 days, then released to be put on house arrest, then brought back to prison, then released before finishing her sentence. Her imprisonment was like a serial in different instalments, making people follow her step by step as if she had been the only person imprisoned in the world. Her imprisonments can infuriate just ordinary prisoners who live in overcrowded jails with no preferential treatment.

The fact that Mika Brzezinski refused to read Paris Hilton’s release from prison it paradoxically put her in the news much further as it was shown on Youtube Famous people from MSNBC talking about famous Paris Hilton made a trivial incident more important. It isn’t common to see a news staff wrangling about a news item in public or to make it public. But the heavy weight of slim Paris made that possible. Paradoxically, Hilton becomes top news because Mika Brzezinski wanted her to be ignored in favour of other news items.

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