Can extremism and terror win?

Two doctors working at UK hospitals are among seven people being held by police investigating the failed car bombings at Glasgow airport and in London.

The security alerts seem to be working in the UK. Since the bomb attacks of July 7th in 2005, many terrorists attempts were foiled. But the terrorists rings seem to be still out of reach. The public has become more positive in cooperating with the security services as the London car was spotted by a civilian ambulance crew. However, the challenge remains great despite the big security machine, including national and international coordination, CCTV checks and expected extra measures like allowing the police to ask for identity.

Those who are intent on causing great losses in human lives have nothing to lose since they are ready to get in suicide attacks. In their wrong beliefs, they think they will be martyrs whose life will expand among the groups for whom they carry such attacks. They seem to become their icons and remembered by them.

As the attackers come from Muslim communities, these communities should show more cooperation by reporting anyone suspected of extremism and terrorism. Those who carry these attacks have no care about the majority of the Muslims who want to live in peace. They can have a point in criticising what the UK is doing. However, criticism comes through civilised means. They must be lucky because they live in a democratic country. But their behaviour can push the authorities to take strident measures which can prove unpopular. The best answer to the terrorists is to be watchful and keep one’s normal life. Feeling terrified because of them is just a victory for their cause.

As long as security measures are adequate, any terrorist attempt is an occasion to lay hand on hidden terrorists with hard proofs. At least having less and less terrorists is better than having them uncontrolled increasing like vermin in an environment that needs to keep cleaned up as a precaution.

There is no justification to use terror to make a point. Violence begets harsh measures which will just tarnish the image of the Muslims among non-Muslims. The spread of moderate Islam can be a way to curb extreme Islamism, which believes in no human institutions but the sword to impose their views. The only answer to extremism is to succeed in surrounding extremists by whatever means as long they don’t believe in live and let live.

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  1. Bunc said,

    July 3, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    Hi Abdelilah, Extremism and fanaticism can win – but only if those of us who are reasonable people in this world let our guard down and give in to them or allow ourselves to get carried along by their rhetoric.

    They will never beat us through terror in a modern country. In Iraq the situation is of course more balanced because the roots of democracy are still shallow there.

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