Can Dreamliner go greener?

Dreamliner is a very good step to save the environment. But the number that will be serviced is proportionally very small. Old aircrafts are still crossing the skies with their tons of damaging carbons. Dreamliner produces 20% less CO2 than its competitors. But as there will be more flights thanks to cheap prices, the level of pollution will remain the same if not more. Airbus should also do its utmost to produce greener planes and not just bigger ones to offset the level of environment damages.

However, not all the blame should be put on airliners. They are means of transport. There are also the economic activities that are behind the soar in air travel. Tourism is one in particular. There are a lot of investments in the tourism industry, which uses all sorts of attraction to make people travel to exotic lands. Last year, there were more than 700 million tourists around the world, most of whom used airplanes.

It remains problematic the idea of manufacturing planes that produce less and less CO2. It is like a fraction that remains the same. It is the same the say ½ as to say 10/20. There will be more Dreamliners but there will be more travel. At present, the dream of many is to be the first to board Dreamliner and to taste the comfort it offers.

As dream is the essence of existence, maybe it will be possible to produce planes powered with solar energy and CO2 will be a matter of the past. The problem that can result is the overcrowding of the sky with planes buzzing everywhere, looking above like migratory birds, which will necessitate more techniques for air-traffic control with ultra modern technology.

Whatever, Dreamliner made a giant step in comparison to other existing planes. At least it is a concrete example of how Boeing cares about the environment. When there is a new Live Earth, musicians and the public should symbolically use Dreamliner in their movements for the concert. That will be the best publicity of how everyone should care about the environment either at the top or at the bottom; in other words, whether in the air or on the ground.

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