Stand-off at the Red Mosque, a new test for Musharraf

Pakistan‘s President Musharraf has sent a team of negotiators to try to end a siege at a radical Islamabad mosque.

Pakistan despite the apparent stability is a country has turmoil beneath. Historically, the military is the major power that tries to seize by force. What is queer is that influential military leaders have religious background or they draw their support from religious leaders. This represents a challenge for Pervez Musharraf who tries to seek a balance in his policy. Internally, he tries to avoid confrontation with the Islamists, many of whom sympathise with the Talibans. At the same time, he tries to keep good relations with the USA in its fight against Al Qaeda, which has as its main followers in the region the Talibans.

The Red Mosque represents a different kind of border Musharraf has to cross in a policy test. It’s a gamble between winning support at home or at the White House. Political calculation will make him storm the mosque regardless of those inside it and regardless the building itself. There were incidents when religious significance was overlooked.

In India, Indira Ghandi ordered in 1984 the storming of the Golden Sikh temple in a similar situation, which led to her assassination. For Musharraf, time will tell what price he will have to pay for a violent storming of the Red Mosque. Or unlike Indira Ghandi, a successful operation will help him for longer political survival in a country turbulent with borders that are hard to cross geographically and religiously.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    July 9, 2007 at 11:07 pm

    mullah cimoc say this a perfectly good example of the cia’s domination of pakistan.

    please scan: inside the company, a cia diary by phillip agee for an introductory course in subversion of nations, except the satanic forces are even more skilled now.

    the usa is self destructing both psychologically and physically as the women of the ameriki becomes whores taking the LBT (low back tattoo) and making the sex with every man, while killing their children through mass abortions.

    ameriki’s son is now the gay homosexual, to the pride of his divorced and sexually diseased parents.

    fear not my friends as the wicked always get their reward. Musharaff will die the death of Hezekiah, his organs rotting from the inside out. It will not be pleasant. His family will be exterminated to the fourth degree of blood relations. this to include even the second cousin.

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