Alan johnston on BBC WHYS

The Show with Alan was special. It showed it was his main companion. What was striking about him is that he remembered all the shows he had listened to, including the one about Lubna’s birthday. But I don’t think he can remember my name if he reads the petition, the messages sent to Haveyoursay and WHYS!

He was ready to talk to anyone. What was amusing is when there was a recorded message which he took for a live contribution and he tried to interrupt the speaker. I guess you still remember that. This incident was funny but it also showed that Alan was in good spirit.
Alan was lucid and I guess it was in recognition to WHYS that he decided to stay till the end of the show. So it’s no wonder if it was possible to have him on the show in around 12 hours after his release. It must be the longest interview he had immediately after his release. I guess he didn’t get any sleep on that day as other news channels were eager to have an interview with him.
There were suggestions that he needed counselling. But from his mood he doesn’t need any thanks to the historic petition, the messages read on BBC, especially on WHYS and the weekly vigils.
On my part I keep a report by Alan as a souvenir on BBC website. He sent a report which was later contained with an extract of a comment I had sent to haveyoursay. Here is the link to it to prove it!

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