Power struggle, a hindrance to peace in Iraq

President George W Bush has said the US mission in Iraq can still succeed, after a report found Iraq had made mixed progress towards key US targets.

The situation in Iraq is getting more and more complex as time goes by. All plans to return peace to Iraq have failed to far. It’s all about power. In the US, there is “power struggle” between the White House and the congress to mark political scores as a preparation for the 2008 presidential elections. The Democrats are trying to take advantage of Bush’s failure to establish peace in Iraq. They mainly focus on the human losses, now exceeding three thousands US soldiers. Bush is in a race against time as his term is nearing an end. He’s got less than 18 months as the head of the executive. He seeks to leave a legacy by which he will be remembered as ac liberator and freedom champion.

In Iraq, there is a real struggle for power as each sections of the society seeks to have the most even at the expense of the others. Historically, there is no love lost between the Shiaas, the Sunnis and the Kurds due to legacy of Saddam whose motto was to divide and rule and to favour mainly the Sunnis to which he belonged to keep his grip on power.

One doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that troops will have overnight success as four years proved dismal failure for it to surround insurgents with primitive weapons compared to the ultra sophisticated ones of the US army. On of the benchmark is that the Iraqi forces should be accountable just to the central government. This can prove difficult as long as there is no central government based on all sections of the Iraqi society without threat of division or pullout. If not, the forces will remain loyal just to the section they belong to. There have been incidents in which attacks were carried out in heavily guarded section in the green zone. This means the Iraqi forces can be infiltrated with militia-minded members that can put ablaze all efforts for national security.

As long as Iraq remains a difficult political equation for the Iraqis themselves and for outside forces, trying to shape the political map of the Middle East, it remains difficult to see how a complex situation can be solved militarily when political calculation of one side stands as a barrier against the plans of another.

The Iraqis should take the example of their occupier the US, a multiracial and ethnic society.Yet, it stands as a powerful united nation. The Iraqis should endeavour for political unity instead of wrangling about ethnic identity just for sectarian political advantages. This attitude will incessantly put Iraq back to square one.

Listen to part of the converstation on BBC WHYS

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