Human growth and climatic change

Aberdeen scientists are carrying out commercial trials on a feed additive which they hope will stop cows from producing large amounts of methane. Belching cattle are responsible for producing large amounts of methane. This can be good news for the vegetarians as their diet contribute to saving the planet.

Aberdeen scientists should also work to see if human beings also produce methane by too much talking, laughing and shouting. If it is proven, people should reduce vocal responses to a minimum. They should use just electronic messages to communicate such as SMS and emails. People should also become less tall. The taller people need more cloths for their dress. The clothes industry will need less textiles to cater for people if they opt to become slim and less tall. The Danish should devise a medical method to have short children and the Japanese should keep at their current height!

The idea that birth rate can help global warming is too general. Global warming actually originates in great parts from the rich countries, especially the USA and Western Europe. In Western Europe, there is the danger of falling population. Many countries in this sphere like Germany, Spain and France are facing alarming low birth control. Children have become precious. They are using material incentives to encourage parents or single mothers to have (more) children.

World population should keep stable in terms of growth and age groups. If this equation isn’t respected, the population will be merely ageing, unable to take care of itself. The sight of children will be a rare commodity as wherever you turn you can find just people with grey or white hair. Walking canes and wheel chairs will become a thriving industry!
Prof. Chris Rapley has a sound argument when he says, “Saving a gigaton of carbon that way, through education for women and birth control programmes, would cost 1,000 times less than any of the other technical options – nuclear power, renewables, or increased car efficiency.” It’s true the more society become urbanised and education is generalised, it becomes natural for women to have less children. In the countryside, women don’t bother having as many children as possible because they live in “open spaces” where they can have rooms for their children. In the city, because of the cost of living, particularly housing, many parents can’t afford to have many children to make ends meet and to have a reasonable breathing space.

What can save the world are continuous researches in how to promote energy efficiency through solar panels and the like. What matters is the type of people we have and not their number, without stretching the planet resources to their furthest limits. Saving the planet from the effects global warming is essential for saving the human race and all other creatures. But it remains difficult to balance two extreme attitudes: guaranteeing human prosperity and using the current energy. Only green energy and balanced human growth will make the world liveable for the future generations

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  1. Anonymous said,

    July 24, 2007 at 11:21 pm

    Quite amusing comedy. Of course, there will always be someone who will think this is serious, lol. The sad thing is those ignorant people are still allowed to vote.

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