Cessation of military operations in Northern Ireland

A new chapter seems to have opened in the history of UK as The British Army is ceasing operations in Northern Ireland at midnight tonight after 38 years. The tribute should be first made to Tony Blair whose policy in Iraq tarnished his political records in the views of many. We shouldn’t also forget about Bill Clinton who kept interested in solving the NA issue till the very last days of his presidency.

The case of Northern Ireland and the way its sectarian problems between the Unionists and the Republicans (IRA) were solved should serve as an example for other countries like Sri Lanka where there are the Tamils and Spain where there is ETA who are fighting the central governments of these countries for independence.

For UK security, a new chapter has opened since 9/11 attacks. Due to terrorists’ threats, UK security services still have to keep a watchful eye. Northern Ireland is no longer a thorn in the side of British politicians as it was the case when the IRA was supported by opponents to UK like Gaddafi of Libya, ready to spread scare around Northern Ireland and London in particular. The cessation of military operation in UK has preserved the unity of UK. Security scare from terrorists should further unite the British before individuals become militias or growing into uncontrollable numbers.

With the cessation of military operations at midnight, this is good news for further economic investment and growth in this part of the UK. The long dark nights that NA witnessed with curfews and attacks can now be replaced with a new dawn. It’s better to have foes in elected institutions that can be fought with arguments than in the street where the gun is supreme. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, every dollar spent in ending violence in NA, will be returned by 1,000 dollars in economic investment.

So the question I would like to ask is, “How Has NA prospered since the Good Friday Agreement and what are its prospects of prospering after the cessation of military operation at midnight.

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