Who should be Afraid of Russia?

What’s more frightening is a single superpower dictating to the world what to do. To counterbalance such a superpower, there must be other powers that set the balance. Russia as a permanent Security Council member should have the means to exercise, among other things, its veto. By this it needs to be a solid country guarding its territorial and military influence. Russia getting more powerful is the concern of only big countries like China, India and USA who see it as a threatening rival.

Russian politicians are going to provide a challenge, especially to the American counterparts. They have opened a new front for them by engaging in military and territorial ventures. Without diplomatic negotiations between Russia and the USA, the relations can revert to open confrontation. The more concerned will be the USA to safeguard its current influence. For it it’s a matter of national pride. For Russia, gaining and regaining influence will be just a matter of try till it gets right.

The Russians have the right to be back on the world stage with force. In the past, Russia was a frightening communist state. Now it looks frightening because it is rising economically from its downfall following the misery experienced at the end of communism and the start of liberal policies. They may be feared just by those who can’t play it fair or have the means to conquer other lands but no defence to stop the forceful advance of the Russians.

However what is assuring is the new rising powers aren’t going to plunge the world in any crises. Each is jealous of interests without too much provoking the other. The cyclical aspect of events will bring about a new political world if new generations of politicians are set on making the world a better place through competition and not confrontation.

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