BBC WHYS, a show like no other

Ros’s comment #122, I agree with him that WHYS is unique in comparison with other news channels that set the agenda for its audience when he says, “Some news programmes (most news programmes) select the stories that they think are most important, we take the ones that are getting the biggest response around the world.”

There are news channels that have a section of their “Haveyoursay”. But the choices are limited. On Al Jazeera site there is only the possibility to comment on topics suggested/ imposed by the channel. It’s them who decide which comment to publish with no say for the contributors. Here is the site to make a comparison.

  • · BBC Haveyoursay offers a large choice for the contributors to interact with the news. Essentially the topics aren’t IMPOSED by the BBC. Contributors can send their suggestions through this link
  • · Sent comments are that is retroactively moderated or fully moderated.
  • · There is transparency in the number of comments sent. They’re categorised as published, rejected or unpublished.
  • · Registered contributors can retrieve their details and maker changes
  • · Registered contributors have their own archive of the comments they have sent. They can see them all (published and unpublished) while the visitors to their archives can see the published ones.
  • · Registered contributors can recommend or report the published comments.
  • · Extracts of some comments are published on BBC reports related to the topic as well as on the news front page, especially the Middle East section.
  • · Those whose comments are published can be contacted by BBC Haveyoursay or BBC world Haveyoursay to take part on televised or radio show.

BBC WHYS has distinguished itself by tirelessly choosing topics weekday from around the world on different issues. WHYS team, I guess, is the only gang in the jungle of media that has closer link with its audience. Those used to contributing or taking part in the show feel they’re contacting friends and not just journalists. Thanks to the team, many contributors have become known to the regulars like Lubna from Iraq. The depth and the casualty of the show plays a factors in making listeners interact with people of different kinds from politicians, journalists, authors, etc as well as with ordinary people like you and me. Interestingly, the show is always a success. Time with it flies quickly. The fact that is broadcast in the USA where there are hundreds of competing radio stations is an indication that is a mind and eye opening on the rest of the world. The fact that BBC on FM in some countries (recently in Pakistan and Russia) is banned is an indication that telling the truth or presenting the views from different perspectives isn’t to the liking of some politicians.

And finally, not all the topics are every one’s cup of tea. There are topics that can sound uninteresting or worth commenting upon. But there are other topics that cause heated debates and receive thousands of comments on Haveyoursay and hundreds on BBC WHYS. For Leilia who complained that the topic of the show was ridiculous tabloid “news”, it isn’t bad to break from the routine and to discuss sensational news. The fact that tabloids sell well means they have their avid readers. So why don’t WHYS raise such topics for additional listeners? Everyone has the right to set the agenda and all views should be aired and not censored as it is the case in many official channels from which many listeners flee to live a direct and live broadcasting that has no political affiliation or government control.

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