Stars and drugs

Singer Amy Winehouse has pulled out of a string of concerts in the US and Canada next month to “address her health“, her publicist has said.

The use of drugs by stars is outrageous. Stars are supposed to be role models for their fans. Many will be tempted to use it. Reggae music should have had a bad influence on many people in the past as listening to it is associated with drug consumption considered as a spiritual healing or part of a rituals.

There are countless stories of pop stars resorting to drugs like Whitney Huston who had to spend considerable time in rehab centres and even forced to sell some of her luxurious items like her dresses to face her financial difficulties.

As in sports, those caught using enhancing drugs are punished by suspension, disqualification or stripping of medals, the same should be applied to stars. Before giving a concert or recording an album, they should prove they’re drug free. Even after the publications of their album, when found drug users, their album should be withdrawn from sale.

Music is meant to lift the spirit and to have a good time. It shouldn’t turn into a destructive force. Stars are from time to time exposed to gossips related to their private lives like divorce, separation, financial troubles, accusations of misconduct etc. But they shouldn’t be seen as a crushed force falling from admiration to pity.

If stars, like Amy Whinehouse, with all their money and creativity can’t live without drugs, this means money can’t buy everything. It becomes a curse for those who can’t make the best of what they have instead of painfully seeking more what they can never get. As one drug therapist said a hug is better than a piece of drug. Do stars like Amy Whinehouse need a genuine hug for a definite cure?

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