The 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death

Diana was very popular not in Britain but around the world. She was the symbol of the modern image of Britain. She was the focus wherever she went. She was a liberal and warm princess, reaching the hearts of common people who easily identified with her.

But she must have been an embarrassment to the British monarchy that was giving priority to traditional values. “The Queen” is a successful movie portraying the turbulent relations she ended having with the monarchy, especially with the queen and her husband. The fact that the queen yielded to popular pressure to commemorate her in a stately fashion is an indication of the power Diana had even after her death. Thanks to her, UK traditional monarchy found its feet again in unstoppably changing Britain, when it was on the verge of looking obsolete and out touch with people due to its stiff protocols. Her life and death stirred the monarchy to move with time.

She touched everyone by her royal nature although after her divorce she lost her title as a Royal. She will be remembered as the princess of people who lived triumphantly despite all the odds and died tragically. Her life was very short but very rich. Her anniversary is to celebrate her life and to wish her to rest in peace.

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