Secret talks to end violence in Iraq

Representatives from Iraq’s Sunni and Shia groups attending secret talks in Finland have agreed a set of principles aimed at ending sectarian violence.

In politics, to jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war. Many conflicts are settled by negotiations. It’s rare that wars end difficult matters quickly as they left scars behind them. Iraq is a scarred nation due to decades of Saddam brutalities which intensified hatred between Shiites who were oppressed by him and the Sunnis who had more favours. Currently there are daily casualties on both sides due to Saddam era which was based on divide-and-rule principles.

The Iraqis can help themselves if they take the example of the conflicts in Northern Ireland that ended through peace agreement. Thanks to it, Northern Ireland is more stable and economically prospering. Currently in Iraq there are only the streams of blood running through Iraqi places while the Iraqis growing impoverished see their oil, its first national wealth, wasted. There are just more budgets for security measures than for other urgent things like economic projects to alleviate poverty in Iraq.

Talks can bear fruits when Iraqi refugees start streaming back to their country and when Shiites and Sunnis are seen in elected institutions jawing and jawing peacefully instead of taking to the streets with their militias just warring and warring.

Listen to part of BBC WHYS show on Iraq secret talks.

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