War Veterans and obligation to them

War veterans are the lucky ones who returned alive from wars, especially those who fought in major ones like those who took part in WWII. In many countries they felt let down. France is one of the colonial countries that had its army composed of soldiers from its colonies and who fought bravely against the Nazis to liberate it. Until recently, such soldiers from African countries like Morocco were left to eek out a living from the meagre pensions they received from the French government. The majority of them are now octogenarians needing more medical care. It was only a movie called “les indigènes” or “Days of Glory” showing the heroism of France indigenous soldiers from Morocco and Algeria mainly that moved former president Chirac to increase the pensions of such remaining war veterans, although it came too late.

In Morocco, veteran combatants against French colonialism were rewarded with pensions and public transportation licenses for taxis and coaches. Their children were given priority in employment. But as time goes by, such privileges are dwindling. Their pensions aren’t enough for them due price rise. There are efforts to improve their situations although it remains below their expectations like the recent signature of a convention to cover basic medical needs for the profit of the Family of veteran combatants and former members of the army and their families. However, many complain that their living standards still need much improvement.

Some countries are lucky not to have any war veterans as they have never fought a war like the Gulf States, leaving other armies like those of the US to make wars on their behalf as in 1991 Gulf War. They can have just a veteran army trained just for marches and parades and making of its weapons just toys and uniforms a way to show off.

The army is the pride of any country, especially if it has a glorious history behind it, making its country feared all around. If, for example, sport heroes get lots of prizes by showing excellence without risking their lives, war heroes and veterans should have dignified treatment, not to live in luxury but at least to have acceptable standards of living. War veterans were ready to sacrifice their lives for their country, it’s a shame to make their lives miserable and to argue they were paid enough when active as if they were mercenaries who get paid for a war and seek to fight another as a way of making their living.

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