French riot, opening wounds

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to bring to justice rioters who shot at police in Paris in urban unrest that followed the death of two youths.

The current unrest in France is another test for Sarkozy as president on how he can deal with it. Some French employers need to shake off their prejudices. Sometimes the name stands in the way of employment. Qualified people aren’t employed simply because they carry a Muslim name. France needs to eradicate the roots of unrest that causes great damages for people and property.

The Causes of unrest among the immigrants is largely due to the fact that they feel marginalized because of lack of good education and opportunities. Resorting to violence on their part and to repression on the part of the French authorities isn’t the best way to solve this problem. The immigrants are mainly trying to flee the miseries of their home countries. But in France there are areas that a replica of third world countries in terms of poverty and social decay. The French government should learn its lessons from 2005 riots. Tough measures didn’t work. It calmed the situation momentarily but the seeds of trouble are still there. Taking hard measures to limit immigration through DNA tests and the requirement of high skills won’t solve the problem.

France should take care of unskilled immigrants by providing them with professional training and encourage them to set up their businesses. Employers should be more considerate. They shouldn’t look at the origins of job applicants but at their qualifications. When discrimination is eradicated, rioters will have only themselves to blame. “segregating” them in immigrant districts where they have their own world amounts to creating societies within France which will find it difficult to integrate in a country that still look at them as citizens of immigrant origins and not simply as French citizens regardless of name, race or religion.

Listen to BBC WHYS Show on this topic.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    November 29, 2007 at 1:25 am

    Muslims reject Western culture and values and then riot because they feel rejected. Pathetic.

    This is just Muslims doing what Islam teaches them: hate and violence. It was that way 1300 years ago, it is that way today.

    There are other immigrant communities that don’t have this problem. Why? What is the difference? Islam.

    Wherever they go, all over the world, Muslims bring hate and violence. Look at islamic societies. Look at the intolerance, lack of human rights and underdevelopment.

    But Muslims never ask why? It is always somebody else’s fault. Blame FRance, blame Israel, blame the USA, blame colonisalism, blame Communism, blame Hollywood, blame the Crusades, blame anything but Islam.



  2. Looney said,

    November 29, 2007 at 6:13 am

    Kactuz, we have similar problems here in California. The immigrants may not be Muslims, but they aren’t unemployed either, unless they want to be.

    Much of the problem in France is that the labor market is inflexible due to all of the government regulations. Employers have too much to lose if they hire the wrong employee, so they don’t hire anyone. The easy hire / easy fire policies here make it much easier to take a risk and hire a young kid with out a track record. Yeah, anyone can be fired here, but if you aren’t a slacker, chances are you will find a better job than the one you were kicked out of.

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