Stars and political campaigns

The Democrats are hauling out the celebrities but one appears a lot fresher than the other.

Big stars have a great influence on people’s attitudes, especially when it comes to issues. Just their images attract attention. Oprah Winfrey is likely to appeal to black voters who Obama needs most top boost his chances to be elected as a presidential candidate. Oprah has a great history behind her. She can be the symbol of black success as she is the queen of US media. Her being a great communicator can make her Obama’s mouthpiece across the USA. While Oprah has the power to talk, Barbara Streisand has the power of musically influencing the audience.
What is must be regarded as the side effect of relying on celebrities is that political campaigns become just a mere show where candidates compete to get a galaxy of stars behind them to influence public attitudes. Without fanfares and the candidates’ ability to look a comedian more than a politician makes the voters shun from aspiring ones. Former vice president Al Gore was criticised for looking authoritarian and delivering his speeches with utmost seriousness. George Bush looked more likeable because of his ability to look more relaxed.

But in view of voters’ apathy, all means are sought to attract them to the polling stations. What matters after all is the sincerity of the candidates and their ability to keep their promises. Relying on the media, fanfares and celebrities serve as a warm-up for the voters to take their decisions. The risk is when voters see just the stars and forget about candidates. When they are voting, they have in mind just the like of Oprah and Streisand who simply blind them to cast a kind of vote without having any political conviction why the did it. Politics shouldn’t become just like advertising products and charming customers to buy them. The voters should have more political consciousness. They should be ready to listen to political debates at length and not to be swayed just by slogans and the majestic shows that stir just feeling leaving the mind dormant for a while.

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