Should women dress modestly?

One of the aspects of morality in different societies is how men and women interact. Sex is a taboo in many of them and by this, free relations between the two sexes. In conservative societies like Saudi Arabia men and women aren’t allowed to mix. For that there are, among other things, separate schools for boys and girls so the separation continues later in life. Women can’t show any single part of their bodies in public, including the face.

It is still considered as an offence in many societies to walk naked in public, but it’s OK if half naked or almost naked.

The question that remains about women’s dress is which part of the body to show or not to show and how much of it should be shown. This is what seems to define the dress code. Actually it’s female teenagers and young women who are prone to dress “immodestly” as for them this kind of dress is an expression of freedom and self-assertion and a means to attract more attention. They seek to “beam” wherever they go and not to go unnoticed.

Young females and males have a period in their lives in which they go crazy doing what adults consider as irrational. They like to go rowdy and behave uncontrollably. They seek to express themselves by indulging in activities through which they exteriorise their physical and sexual energy. The fashion industry helps promote this trend by making clothes to fit the desire to look the sexiest by among other things designing tight clothes and very short ones. Top clothes cover just half the top and lower clothes cover just 20% or less of the lower parts. There are fashion shows which glamorise every part of the body. So for some women, highlighting their beauty in public becomes an obsession. It’s not enough to show it in private with friends and partners.

But there are limits to what women should wear. They shouldn’t perform a kind of striptease in public through the way they dress and move. There are parts of the body that should be decently covered. A woman showing herself in an “immodest” dress in public becomes just a sexual object in the eyes of many. She becomes far from being treated as a person that should be respected.

Perhaps women should learn to hide the most of their bodies without forgetting to look pretty and sexy. It’s better for them to let men imagine what their bodies look like. Showing it all put an end to men’s curiosity who will look elsewhere to find another woman showing the best of what she has got.

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