Discrimination against women worldwide

The BBC published a UN-commissioned report according to which Women are discriminated against in almost every country around the world.

I wonder if this can be a subject of debate, as women don’t need laws to curtail their freedom of what they should wear but how they can have a decent life free from the authorities and abuses of men. Or are men in worse situations because in their countries there is still the great divide between the rich and then poor and many of them can’t get to a top position because of nepotism and corruption?

Here is what I personally think as far as women are concerned.

Women should have the same opportunities as men. Girls at school are good achievers but it’s the laws and the mentalities of some societies that deprive them from their rights when adults. In Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive or travel unaccompanied. They can’t set up a business without a male tutor.

Women should be more aware of their rights through education, vigorous national and local campaigns as well as the enforcement of the laws that prohibit discrimination and abuses against them.

Women should be economically and politically empowered to make their voice heard. There must be women associations that deal with abuses against women at home and in public places.

At the local level Laws allowing discrimination against women should change to give them more opportunities to compete with men. Internationally, foreign aid from donor countries, like the EU, for projects to countries where women are abused or denied full rights should be distributed on the understanding that women should benefit from it on equal terms with men.

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