The right to nuclear energy

The UN’s nuclear watchdog has said it will investigate US claims that Syria was building a secret nuclear reactor with North Korean help. So does every country have the right to acquire nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy should be seen as an alternative to energy derived from fuel. The majority of the countries have no oil reserves. Their economy largely depends on the fluctuations of the oil market. Morocco is one of the countries that France will help build a civil nuclear energy industry to underpin its development.

The world population is getting more and more urban. Those living in the countryside want their share of access to technology. Oil isn’t endless. It’s time to think of developing alternative energies and making it accessible to every country indiscriminately.

Today there is the danger of the scarcity of drinking water. Nuclear energy can be a cheap means to desalinate sea water for many countries, which can also be used in irrigation to boost food production.

Nuclear energy shouldn’t remain just a weapon in the hands of developed countries like France and the USA which use it as a means of pressure or favouritism. Friendly countries are helped to acquire it while regimes opposed to them are scared into abandoning it.

There should be international cooperation to make nuclear energy available for peaceful purposes and why not have nuclear stations in every country run by an international team, which regularly briefs the International Atomic Energy Agency of all their operations?

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