Barrak Obama, politics and race

Obama’s skin colour can be harming the principle of democracy in the USA if his race and colour become a major issue instead of his ideas. What matters in a fair election race are the tone and the colour of ideas and not the fair skin of the speakers.

If Obama skin is a major issue in the USA, this means racism isn’t over yet in this country seeking to export democracy to other countries, especially the Middle East where there is argument that democracy isn’t a mass product. It should be implemented according to the specificity of each society.

But it’s too early to judge as the race for the candidacy to the presidency isn’t over. With Hilary, he represents a dichotomy between sexism and racism. Who either wins will be a triumphant over the prejudices associated with them.

Obama, as it is evident, has to battle on two fronts: first to prove the credibility of his ideas in confronting Hilary Clinton camp. The second is to convince the voters that colour shouldn’t be an issue as what matters is the person behind the colour and not the colour making the look of a person.

Obama, supposedly, the victim of his skin, is a striking example of the failure of the US cultural and educational system to eradicate racism after the eradication of slavery, which still continues to be a black part in American history.

His opponents will try to play down the race issue. The fact of some insisting on his past try implicitly to emphasize his black origins. The fact that he severed ties with his former pastor the Rev Jeremiah Wright is an indication that he wants to forcefully show that his allegiance to the country is more important than that to a particular church, which forms a small minority and a platform of attacks on the whole of the US policy. Perhaps Obama’s move to sever ties with his pastor is aimed at limiting controversies around him. After his apparent hesitant remarks about the Rev Jeremiah Wright that he couldn’t disown him, now he directly announces his complete separation of him in an attempt to unite more voters around him.

It can be easy to turn a new page vis-à-vis the Rev Jeremiah Wright. But it will be hard for him to change his political views 180° without paying dearly for that. The church membership can be seen as personal matter, but politics is an issue that interests every member of the society.

Should Obama and Hilary run together?

It can be possible if Barrak Obama and Bill Clinton agree to swap wives. Hilary and Obama married for convenience, they can agree to share power for the duration of their political marriage.

Seriously, for them to run together will pose a challenge as they can’t obviously agree on who should be the presidential candidate and who should be the vice president candidate. Both have apparently different political views. So it will be hard for them to change them to look harmonious without losing their potential voters who will see them ready to change their principles just for their personal advantages. As it is, the race should continue between them. The final judge will be the delegates who should reflect the will of those they represent.

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