Social networking, virtual and real friendship

Friends are important in our lives as long as they help us to have a bearable life. Sometimes we feel regret for having got to know a person as other times we regret coming to know another person later rather than sooner.

But friends are like life. They change. In the modern world there is only “contractual” friendship. Many friendships can’t stay permanent because of continuous changes. Friends change addresses, cities and places of jobs. It becomes difficult to keep at pace with those changes. Sometimes, friends become just a memory as there is no way to get into contact with them.

Thanks to the new communication technology, it’s possible to have contact with them through emails and chatting. New social working has made it possible to know people from different places without ever meeting them.

But there is nothing like direct friendship, through face to face contact. After all we are humans. Through facebook and the like, we can have just impressions of the persons we claim to have as friends. Getting to know them can best be done through direct contact and not through live chats.

For those who like to meet people just to pass time and to have their fantasies displayed through fake names and pictures, they can have their satisfactions as they are just making use of one another. But those seeking deep friendship, there is nothing like classical friendship based on sincerity and great sharing of everything from a joke to notions.

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