Can Obama make a difference for Africa?

Can Barack Obama and John McCain make a difference for Africa? Surely the Africans must first realize their dream of a United Africa without too much foreign interference. Locking to the USA as big brother through Obama I likely to leave them decades behind as the US at best can help them if they can help themselves.

Africa has got the attention of the current administration through the recent tour of the continent by George Bush, during which he pledged economic support. But the USA can’t go beyond what its economic interests will allow in the face o Chinese competition there.
The Africans have to wake up. They’ve had only very few successful black leaders. If not how comes that Africa is the poorest continent in the world despite its vast riches. Many Africans leaders filled their people with great hopes during colonialism. After independence, Africa became ruled by undemocratic leaders. Africa has leaders it can be proud of like Nelson Mandela. But currently it has Robert Mugabe who is considered as a disgrace to his country and continent.

They will be wrong if they depend solely on Obama. Africa needs to create its own role models for the present instead of continuing to idealize past ones like Mandela. Obama, before being black, is American. His environment is different. He has to keep the power of his country, contrary to current African leaders who are desperately trying to empower their continent. He doesn’t have the same worries as Africans do in their countries where there are shameful corruption, mismanagement and limitless loss of opportunities. In other words, Obama as well as McCain think American. Africans should think in an African way. It isn’t enough to celebrate the others’ victories. They should find their own victories to celebrate.

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