Morgan Tsvangirai withdrawing from presidential race

Morgan Tsvangirai was right to withdraw from the presidential elections. He is just a human being. He can’t fight Robert Mugabe who considers himself as appointed by God and only God can remove him from power.

Just for Mugabe to state that only God could remove him from power means that the Zimbabweans have no right to intervene in this divine selection. And as believers in God, it’s their destiny to put up with a God-chosen leader. Any harm that can from him (Mugabe) is just a test for Zimbabwean believers to what extent they can endure in this world before they enjoy the eternal bliss in the other life.

Mugabe as it seems has become drunk with power. He can’t see anyone who can outdo him in Zimbabwe. He doesn’t care about the will of his people. As a God-favourite, he sees them as his disciples. They have no right to choose any way of life without his guidance. It’s better for the Zimbabweans to call him Prophet Mugabe, as it is beneath him even to be called president. With his blessing, they can have mercy from him, at least to live without being beaten up for trivial reasons, like not being able to cite his party’s slogan.

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