Mugabe, a power maniac

It seems Mugabe has lost touch with reality. As he considers himself as appointed by God, he no longer cares about what people on Earth think of him, including his long time friends like Nelson Mandela and the president of Angola. Perhaps, he is still waiting for a divine power to deliver his country from the current crisis.

Mugabe sees no one worth having any moral authority on him. It’s not unlikely that he will vent his anger on Mandela by describing as stooge of the West, particularly, the UK where Mandela celebrated his 90th birthday and where the queen stripped Mugabe of his knighthood.

Perhaps it took long for Mandela to be outspoken against Mugabe, because from his experience he knew he wasn’t the kind of man that can step down for the stability of his country but can only sticks to power to fight his countrymen after ending his fight against the white rulers.

If the whole international community can’t figure out a solution to Zimbabwe’s current problems, Mugabe will continue to govern his country until God removes him from office, of course by death. As long as he is alive cherishing international incapacity to deal with him, Zimbabwe should brace itself for other years of acute hardship.

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