Teenage motherhood

It was all normal for teenage girls to have children as many of them used to get married just after puberty , that is at the age of 14.

Today there is the issue with teenage girls who get children out of wedlock. Such girls have to be bear more responsibilities than teenage wives in the past who were just mere housewives, having their husbands provide for them. Today, they may be still students and they have to care for their studies. It can be difficult for them to be both mothers and students at this age. There are who can’t cope and so they give up their children for adoption.

But when pregnancy happens, at least he family of the teenage mother should be supportive. Some girls want to have the experience of being mothers without waiting to get married or be in their twenties. Such girls should get the guidance to take care of their children although they have the mother’s instinct to protect them. However for the good of the child, there is nothing like having a family where the child is surrounded by both the father and the mother.

There are still many teenage wives with children in different societies where the legal age of marriage for females is 16, in others it can be less as the age of marriage is equated with the start of menstruation.

The problem with single teenage mums is that they will find it difficult to raise their children and live their lives normally considering the different requirements of modern society. These mums will find it difficult to be financially independent to have enough money for themselves and their children. The first victim of a bad teenage mum is the child, especially if the mum becomes cut off from her family or when she is a drug addict. This can have bad effects on the child who should enjoy a normal family life.

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