THe new situation in Iraq

The situation on Iraq still needs improvement despite a decrease in violence. There are still social problems resulting from unemployment and the displacement of the Iraqis, about two million of whom are now refugees in neighbouring countries, mainly Jordan and Syria.
The situation in Iraq shouldn’t be a political tool for the presidential candidates, especially John McCain who has been outspoken about the continuous military presence in Iraq and defending George Bush’s policy there.

What can make Iraq stable is that all the Iraqis should come to their senses and consider their first enemy is disunity. As Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, they have lived together for hundreds of years under good and bad days. They still have a chance to unite. Surely, they can’t live forever under the protection of foreign forces which have so far failed to bring full stability to the country as there are still incidences of violence and bombing.

One thing is sure. Iraq still needs foreign forces to prevent deterioration in its security situation. There is still much needed to be built, in addition to infrastructure, there is the permanent trust that should be between all the Iraqi components through shared hard work and equitable distribution of national wealth.

The Iraqis have lost a great deal under Saddam Hussein who used Iraq’s wealth for his wars that plunged the country in further crises after the international sanctions. The Iraqis have lived some of the worst years in their history following the US invasion. Maybe they still have an opportunity to rebuild their life by burying all their hatchets and starting to plough their land to get whatever fruit that will benefit all.

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  1. Bunc said,

    July 10, 2008 at 9:47 am

    There are beginning to be some real signs for hope that the sitiuation in Iraq will stabilise and improve. It is still going to take a long time I think before the violence fully ends but things are greatly improved.

    The atrocities that are still occuring seem largely to be coming from alqaeda in Iraq rather than from sunni/shia sectarianism which seems to be past its worst excesses.

    Hopefully the Iraqi army can coontinue to build and regain control and we can begin to see significant reductions in foreign troop levels over and 18 month to 2 yr period.

    Iraqis have more to gain by working together than by fighting each other. They have a country with incredible potential.

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