Is Morocco safe after 9/11

Morocco doesn’t seem affected by the current financial crisis. Its banks are a state sector. Accounts in it are secure. The Moroccan stock market deals with national companies. Investment earnings have to do with economic activities at home.

The majority of Moroccans don’t have insurances and they know very little about how to invest their money in financial institutions like banks and the stock market. All they know is to put their money in a bank and to withdraw it when they need it.

However, Morocco can be affected when the financial crisis in Europe and the US gets out of control as its earnings of hard currency depend on tourism and the exportation of its agricultural products to Europe.

In general, countries like Mauritania and Niger, whose economy isn’t highly structured and whose population live off informal economy will be little affected as the majority of the activities are home-based. The only fear they can have is reduction in international aid, which is already maldistributed and doesn’t benefit the majority of those who should get it.

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