Rewarding leaders who are losers

The events following the respective elections in Kenya and Zimbabwe shows that elections should reflect the will of the people and not that of the leaders for whom elections are just a façade to stay in power.

Leaders with common sense should be ready for victory and defeat and not to feel defiant when winning or to call for violence when losing. It’s all a matter of playing a fair game for the benefit of the country and not for personal benefit.

The drawback of the rulers in Africa is that when they get grip of power they create an oligarchy through which they try to stifle all sorts of opposition. Their weapon is repression.

The examples of Zimbabwe and Kenya show it is just a waste of lives, opportunities and time to fail to settle the results of an election fairly. There is no harm in power sharing for the sake of a country. The greatest harm is when political differences generate into violence setting the country backward and making any national reconciliation hard to achieve without concession and international mediation.

The hope is that Zimbabwe will raise from its current fall in dire economic difficulties and that all the Zimbabweans can benefit from the wealth their renewed economy can afford.

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