Should America be the world’s policeman?,


The US needs to look as a partner with the rest of the world and not as a big brother using sticks and carrots to implement its policies vis-à-vis foes and friends. The world needs states that treat each other on equal footing and not on the basis of domineering.

If the US continues to have too many interventions, it may get political allies around the globe but at the same this will generate into increasing resentment towards its policies. Even in the rest of the West, people are resentful of the US because of its policies to make the world turn according to its agenda.

Its military power now guaranteeing it to be the world’s policeman is just increasing the race for arms among the other emerging powerful countries, particularly China and Russia. This will end by each emerging military power seeking to have its own carrefours to police.

The question that remains is whether the US can police all the hot spots of the world without over-stretching its army and budget or it will have selective policing by turning a blind eye to what is going on in areas it considers of less strategic importance.

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