Are women their own worst enemies?

Women are practically their own enemies. They ask for equality, but at the same time they refute having a woman at the top to control them. Maybe inside they keep attracted to male power from which they get the pleasure of dominating and being dominated.

The fact that women in democratic societies make half of the population and yet key elected posts are held by men has significance. If Hilary wasn’t the wife of Clinton, but supposedly his brother, she could have had a chance to be the Democrat presidential candidate instead of Obama. In view of racism and sexism still prevalent in the USA, some had to choose the lesser “evil” by voting for a black candidate instead of a female one.

Maybe women aspire for admiration and comfortable life, leaving the stress of administration and hard work to men when it comes to decisive action. Women can be educated into believing there must be equality between men and women , but their feminine side itches them to enjoy life and not to have enduring headaches to take decisions. AS such, they don’t seek other women to decide for hem, but men with all prowess and virility that entails.

The point I’d like to make is that capable women are still fighting not to just convince men but also women of their capabilities. In an election, generally, men have the strongest chance to win an election against a women because the male voters prefer a man to represent them because of say their sexism. These male voters are joined by female voters who still find a woman still incapable for hard tasks.

I don’t mean women can’t be at the top of a position in their own rights but it is the macho world in which they live coupled with the lack of solidarity from other women that makes it difficult for them to have senior positions.

Palin is an example of the dilemma women have regarding women power. Should she be supported on the basis of her principles or should she be given encouragement to initiate a new page in the history of the US by having the first female VP.

Women still need more unity among themselves to form a bloc to put an end to male monopoly. This comes with strategy and not with emotional appeals as Sarah Palin seems to convey to some voters.

These are just mere thoughts which can be refuted by some women who think otherwise.


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