Should the world help Africa?

Africa has been the most troubled continent in the past decades, from civil wars, internal violence, famine and diseases.

The world has a responsibility to help Africa when it comes to human crises caused by famine and diseases, but it needn’t to be its policeman to bear the burden of resolving its armed conflicts when those involved in them can’t agree on how to solve their problems without bloodshed.

Africa seems to be losing many opportunities because of the mismanagement of its leaders due to corruption and fight for power at the expense of the prosperity of its people. African politics need to grow up and to have ways to solve its problems based on national interests and not on tribal ones. Otherwise, Africa will remain, a fighting ground on many levels, making its vast and rich natural resources a milking cow for the raw material hungry nations.

DR Congo has a vast wealth of minerals but it is plagued with the vast greed of its warring leaders, making it one of the poorest in Africa when it should be among the richest.

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