What should Obama’s priorities be?

Obama was elected on a single day. It’s unlikely that he can solve all the problems in his term as president. There is the legacy of the outgoing administration concerning international conflicts and the financial crisis affecting the major economies.

In politics, it is hard to predict how the events can turn out as from time to time there are emerging crises. But as the president of the most powerful country on earth, Obama has to balance foreign policies with domestic ones. In other words, he should take popular policies at home and abroad to help the US gain its lost credibility around the world due to the unpopular outgoing Republican administration and to materialize the change for which he has been campaigning.

Perhaps his priority should be to redress the US economy to help the ordinary American feel secure and not under of the threat of poverty and redundancy. In foreign policy, he should solve the problems in the Middle East as the end of the conflict in this region means less spending on defense and more money in the national economy. In other words, peace in this region means billions of dollar in the US treasury rather than on the battle zones, particularly in Iraq.

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