Africa aid, a waste of money

Over the last 50 years Western governments have paid out more than £400bn of tax payers’ money in aid to Africa, but according to figures released by the World Bank this year, half of sub-Saharan Africans still live in extreme poverty a figure which has not changed since 1981.

Africans need to know how to help themselves before getting any foreign aid. For the many Africans in charge of distributing aids and managing them, it’s an opportunity to get richer at the expense at the expense of the poor who remain poorer.

When corruption is a shocking fact in sectors like education and health, the African population has little chances of getting out of its current poverty.

When African leaders have good managerial policies and the continents isn’t regularly drained of its brains that seek a better life; particularly, in the West, then aid will yield results. Now with corruption and efficiency sending aid to this continent is like sowing the best of fertile seeds in a barren land. Africans need to fertilize their methods and not to depend too much on foreign aid, out of which they currently just make a mess.

They have just to take the examples of countries like China and India who succeeded in revolutionizing their economies. Although, they aren’t benefiting the majority, at least such countries aren’t like Africa using a begging bucket with a brazen face as if nothing wrong had been done with previous aids and failure was an act of fate.

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