Torture and martyrdom

It is still difficult to make an accused person make full confessions if they have the skill to hide the truth. Torture proves wrong when the tortured person comes out innocent after all evidence.

As it is difficult to read a person’s mind and to extract all information from them about sensitive issues, any harsh method is acceptable as long as it isn’t life threatening or causing permanent handicap. However odd it may sound, torture should be about inflicting “safe” pain, with the threat that it will be ongoing until the required information is acquired.

As long as there are ruthless criminals, there should be ruthless methods to deal with them, at least until all evidences are gathered. Torture becomes wrong when it is used for the slightest offences or suspicions. Torture shouldn’t also be used to scare people showing political discontent and democratically aspiring for change. In other words, torture should be banned in case of political prisoners asking for peaceful change. If not, torture will remain just a form of barbarism, a shame for human values and rights.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession ( allegedly under torture )shows he has nothing to lose. Admitting that he was behind 9/11 terrorist attacks means he will be seen as a hero by Al Qaeda sympathizers. His act will continue to be considered as “glorious” inflicting great damage on the “infidels”.

As Al Qaeda is erroneous in its tactics and considering them the most righteous, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed desire for martyrdom can be materialized for him when executed. But this isn’t much of martyrdom. As I understand martyrdom is to die for a cause and not to kill and to ask to be killed. Al Qaeda cause has proven the deadliest in the 21st century. No one in his right mind will consider its action as heroic. Even bloody heroes ask to be face to face with their enemies and not to randomly select targets to quench their thirst for blood.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed can also hang himself if he can in case he’s spared execution. The US justice shouldn’t be fooled by his claims. There should be hard evidence that he actually was THE or ONE of the masterminds of 9/11 attacks before passing any irrevocable judgement.

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