Broadcast assisted suicide

The wife of a man whose assisted suicide was filmed for television has defended a programme about his death.

assisted-suicideA lot of people aren’t unfamiliar with seeing someone dying. There are numerous situations in fiction and reality in which the death of a person is witnessed. The famous death in the 21st century is the hanging of Saddam Hussein and the controversy it engendered following its broadcast on Youtube.

Death is a recurring event almost every second. However, the death of a person through euthanasia shouldn’t be broadcast. At best, it should be debated. In other words, it shouldn’t be a “spectacle” talked about passionately by some and indifferently or even jokingly by others.

It may be argued that some people have the right to die when they are terminally ill. This should be done in private. It shouldn’t be public through a broadcast.

And to be sarcastic, should a camera be installed in the grave of the person whose death was broadcast to see the body decomposition step by step!? This also should be open to debate.

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