Working mothers and childcare

Childcare is bad for your baby, working parents are warned

A UNICEF study suggests that government policy is at odds with the developmental needs of children under 12 months.

So how can parents balance their economic needs with the needs of their children?

It’s rare to find someone to care for children with love as their duty is to take care of them and not to love them as if they were their own. A childcare is a professional centre. There is just “artificial” care. A mother’s care is second to none. It’s like breastfeeding which naturally can’t be replaced by bottle -feeding in terms of physical and emotional contact between the mother and the child.

However childcare remains a necessity for mothers who have no relatives to look after their child when at work. As a compromise, there should be well-trained staff in childcare centres at least for the child not to feel neglected, to have some social skills. But the building of a child’s personality is the responsibility of the mother. A child can have different tutors but basically he/she has only one mother. She should work out how to create a motherly atmosphere for her child even for a limited time every day.

Children in early age don’t need to be transported from home and childcare on regular basis. They need to be carried in the arms of their parents. For that, a child must feel that he/she belongs to a home and not to a childcare centre.

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  1. ijeoma said,

    March 5, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    what are the likely problems working mothers could have in their places of work

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