Pakistan, economic aid and terrorism

There is little the world can do to end terrorism within and from Pakistan as long as the Islamists have support among members of the army and the security forces. The Pakistani government should first clear these two essential bodies from Taliban sympathisers. Concerning education, as long as Islamic schools continue to inculcate archaic teachings, they’re likely to produce a wave of armies ready to die for their cause rather than co-exist with a regime seeking openness and modernity.

Bailing out Pakistan by the international community isn’t enough as what is needed for the Pakistani government is to brainwash those who sympathize with the terrorists, join them and carry attacks in their names.

Should Pakistan become really a failed state, it would be the most dangerous state in the( Muslim) world not only for the West but also for its neighbours, mainly India.

The Pakistani government can’t expect to end terrorism on its soil just by receiving money from the outside world. It should endeavour to establish good governance, without which Pakistan will remain the scene of strife between the modernists and the Muslim radicals.

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  1. John Maszka said,

    May 12, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    You make some excellent points. Did you also know that terrorism affects women more than any other demographic group?

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    John Maszka

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