Siomali piracy

Somali pirates are no heroes as their acts are just an interruption of free shipments to consolidate international trade. If piracy can be praised, the same should apply to hostage taking for ransoms or drug sealing as they are and easy means to get lucrative gains.

However the international community bears responsibility in the ongoing piracy. To end it, it isn’t enough to send warships to protect commercial vessels.

Piracy is the price of leaving a country unruly in the grip of militias instead of a functional and central government. To end it, the international community should help Somalia become a normal country. The UN, through the Security Council, should endeavour to establish calm in this strategically important corner of the world, not just by using force against pirate but by helping the Somali people enjoy economic and political stability. Without this, Somalia will continue not only to be in the grip of pirates but also a base for Muslim Extremists that will make of it the “backyard” of Taliban and Al Qaeda.

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