Why are there are so few openly gay sport stars?

John Amaechi played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, LA Lakers and Utah Jazz , but it was only after he stopped playing that he revealed that he is gay. The question is why there are so few openly gay sports stars?

As long as the majority of fans are heterosexual, they ‘re unlikely to consider a gay player as their role model. It’s one thing to accept gays within society, but it is another to take them as models. Gay player had better hide their sexual orientation.
As a compromise, as there are gay clubs, there should be gay teams watched by gay spectators. At least there will be no embarrassment on either side.

In the world of art, people like Elton John didn’t reveal they were gays at the start of their careers. It took them time to do so as it took time for their fans to accept them. Maybe for gay sport stars, they have to wait for their fans to accept them for what they are and to make a distinction between a player on the field and in private life.

And let’s not forget the commercial side. There are sponsors, advertisers as well clubs who refuse gay sportsmen because they may just deter fans from whom they can generate revenues.

The attitude towards gay sportsmen still has to do with ethics, popularity and business.

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