Does the sex life of politicians matter?

The Berlusconi’s very public falling out is grabbing headlines — and has grabbed our attention. The Italian Prime Minister has now demanded an apology from his wife. This after she said she wanted a divorce accusing him of “consorting with minors”.

Sex is still a deadly weapon when it comes to politics. In the USA many politicians, including presidential candidates had to fall because of their sex scandals. In Israel, ex-President Katsav had to resign because of sex harassment towards a number of women and the list of sex and politics can never be exhausted. However the sex of life of politicians does matter, especially when it comes to extramarital relationship or bawdy behaviour.

It doesn’t make sense to elect a sex maniac as this can change the attitudes towards the moral authority a politician should have. Politicians are still expected to be conservative when it comes to sex. In France, which is still considered as one of the most liberal countries, President Sarkozy caused a storm in French society after his divorce and relationship with his current wife before they got married.

The image of a politician as a family person still plays a part in being or not being elected. As such politicians have to be above flesh temptations. Even for gay politicians, it’s one thing to be a committed gay and it is another to be a promiscuous gay. As the private life of politicians still matters in its smallest details, it goes without saying that their sex life matters the most when it comes to marital or casual relationships.

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