India, great democracy and great disparity

India is the second most populated country on Earth with its more than a billion population. This remains a challenge for any Indian government as the poor largely outnumber the rich. What seems to keep India a stable country is its democratic system despite its flaws.

The existing slums in India is an indication that it’s still has a long way to go before all the Indians can enjoy the fruits of its economic boom. Slums can be a matter of the past if the Indians use their potentials to the most for equitable share of its wealth and not by maintaining two facets in which a large section lives in abject poverty while others have immense wealth.

India still has to create an economic system that can make it a power to contend with. Asians markets can flourish through economic relations with India, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of cheap labour. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to create jobs for the poor Indians in sectors like building, but they themselves can’t afford a descent home.

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