Sex abuse in Catholic schools

One of the “darkest chapters” in Ireland’s history is how the Irish Deputy Prime Minister refers to the abuse of children in Catholic- run institutions.

The sexual scandals within the Catholic Church show that no one can be above temptation despite religious teachings.

The Catholic Church in the West is in a crisis because of falling membership and church services attendance. Its teachings look archaic to many when it comes to sexual orientations, the use of condoms and contraception.

As there are less and less people committed to the Catholic Church, this means, there are less and less people ready to give their children a Catholic education. Because of a shortage in local priests in UK (mainly Northern Ireland), now there are, for example Polish priest who fill the gap.

However, the mistakes committed by the few shouldn’t overshadow the good deeds by the religiously committed Catholic clergy. It doesn’t mean that the past of the Catholic Church was tarnished with sex scandals that it should close down with its schools. In any institution, there is the good, the bad and the evil. It’s a matter of cleansing it from the bad and the evil to keep it in the image of the good.

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