Obama and Africa – When times are tough, do we turn our backs on the world’s poor?

In times of crisis, charity begins at home. Aid for poor countries is likely to be slashed as it comes among other things from aid organisations which depend on donations from the public which is currently financially hit. In short it’s a chain of events that will have a dire effect on poor countries whose immigrant populations have little to survive on in host countries, let alone send money home.

However, this isn’t an excuse for rich governments to turn their backs on poor countries. They should at least keep sending them essential aids, mainly food and medicines, not to be faced with a humanitarian catastrophe.

At the same time, the current world crisis should be a wakeup call for poor countries to do their best to survive in dignity. For example, why can’t the wealthy from poor countries invest the money they have in foreign banks in projects that can create employment. Perhaps, I am asking these wealthy to accept becoming millionaires instead of billionaires for the sake of their country, which is unrealistic!

What I recommend is that Africans should learn to help themselves. They have more natural wealth than the current rich countries, but they just make a mess of it because of wars, corruption and mismanagement. If they can create effective regional economic integration, this can help them stand on their feet. Zimbawe was one of the richest countries in Africa. Now it’s one of the poorest, not because of its natural resources but because of Mugabe’s unpopular policies at home and abroad. This just an example why Africa is in constant troubles in most of its parts.

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